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Friday, November 28, 2014  
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Below is a list of all the documents that have been uploaded to the web site. The documents could be in the following formats: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft PowerPoint. To change the sort of this listing, click on the header title

General Schedules
Adobe Acrobat Reader Administrative Records General Schedule (Revised March 2014)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Budget and Related General Record Schedule (May 2012)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Development of General Records Schedules - Framework
Adobe Acrobat Reader Facilities Management and Related Records (February 2010)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Fiscal & Accounting Related Records General Schedule (June 2006)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Fleet and Aircraft Management Records (May 2014)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Forms Management General Schedule (August 2006)
Microsoft Excel 2003 General Schedules for County Governments - Excel (May 2010)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Human Resources and Related General Schedule (November 2011)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Information Technology and Related Records (November 2014)
Microsoft Word 2003 Instructions & Adoption Forms for County Government General Schedules - MS Word
Adobe Acrobat Reader Introduction to General Records Schedules (November 2014)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Library Operations General Schedule - PDF (August 2006)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Mail & Messenger Services General Schedule - PDF (August 2006)
Microsoft Word 2003 Notification of General Schedule Adoption Form (Opt In - Opt Out-rev.Nov 2011)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Payroll & Related General Schedule (August 2011)
Microsoft Word 2003 Policy for General Records Schedule Implementation (Instructions & Info for Opt In - Opt Out-Nov 2011)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Purchasing & Procurement General Schedule (Revised November 2013)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Records Management General Schedule (August 2006)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Risk Management & Related Records (February 2013)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Wisconsin Public Library General Schedule (February 2006)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Wisconsin School Districts (revised - May 2010)
Records Officers
Adobe Acrobat Reader State Agency Records Officers


Reference Materials
Microsoft Word 2003 2014 PRB & Committee Schedule
Microsoft Word 2003 2014 PRB Meeting Dates
Microsoft Word 2003 2015 PRB & Committee Schedule
Microsoft Word 2003 2015 PRB Meeting Dates
Microsoft Word 2003 Admin 12 Primer
Adobe Acrobat Reader Administrative Rule 12
Adobe Acrobat Reader Guidance for Managing Web Records (May 2014)
Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Guidance on the Use of Contractors For Records Management Services in Cloud Computing Environments
Microsoft Word 2003 Guidelines for Permanent Retention of Records
Adobe Acrobat Reader PRB Activity Update - 2012
Microsoft Word 2007/2010 PRB Activity Update - 2013
Microsoft Word 2003 PRB-2007-Strategic Planning Summary
Microsoft Word 2003 RDA Form
Adobe Acrobat Reader RDA Form - PDF
Microsoft Word 2003 Social Networking Sites Guidance
Adobe Acrobat Reader State Agency Records Management Program Survey - April 2009
Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Use of Contractors for Records Management Services

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